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We're on a mission to expand access to unique alternative investments

ABOUT Primtrades

We Translate Your Dream Into Reality

Primtrades is a legally registered company in the field of fiduciary management and long-term investments. We are a group of the skilled financial professionals having a high level of knowledge and long term practice in the investment field. We have been working as a private fund since several years. Now we have opened our online project offering our projects worldwide. Primtrades focus on the usability of crypto to invest in real estate, arts and makes it easy for users who wants to get started with investments get in easily.

In other words, Primtrades offers everyone, who wishes to have stable extra earnings in the long term to invest in our platform. Once you make a deposit, you will start getting daily interest and continue earning until your investment duration expires. After that you can either withdraw your deposit or invest it again, for another term, to continue getting daily interest. The money which we attract through our website will be used to increase our current assets and, consequently, increase our profit to share it with you as our investor.

We are registered under the UK company house with a registration number LP019154. Incorporated on March 29,2016.

Primtrades is reimagining wealth creation

We provide access to alternative investments previously reserved only for institutions and the ultra-wealthy. Our mission is to help millions of people generate $500 Million of income outside the traditional public markets by 2025. We are committed to making financial products more inclusive by creating a modern investment portfolio.

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Our history


Primtrades Launches for Investors
Our founder started Primtrades because they saw that access to institutional quality investments was broken, and knew they could create a better way for all of us. Coming from complementary background, Daniella had deep investment, risk and compliance management background and had built and scaled large companies and also wore the "Investor" hat


Legal finance & real estate asset classes launches
Given our expertise, we started with opening litigation finance to investors who were looking for a new way to invest and reduce their exposure to the stock market


Series A: More Money, More Growth
Primtrades raised a record $11M in Series A financing


Explosive Growth and Value in Record Time
Primtrades was like a lightning bolt to the investor landscape, surpassing $100M invested on the platform in < 8 qtrs.


A bold new Primtrades
As we expand our offerings, our commitment to being investor-first continues to grow. It was time for our brand to reflect the breadth of our plans for both the present and future


The Future and Beyond
Primtrades has made first move towards listing and sales of NFTs within the platform thus joining the race for metaverse