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A unique approach to income generation

We build innovative wealth creation products.

We’re reinventing an industry

We took a look at the typical investor journey and knew something had to change. We are creating a fundamental paradigm shift by providing investors access to investments previously available to the top 1%.

We are pulling back the curtain on the investing process to allow you to participate in wealth creation opportunities that were typically off-limits.


We believe in a path to realizing the potential of your money

Our manifesto

It’s time to pull back the curtain on investing and allow all individuals, regardless of net worth, the opportunity to realize their next level.

At Primtrades, we’re exposing investment opportunities so they’re accessible to more people, in more ways. Our open-growth ecosystem levels the playing field so more people can access a life that was previously out of reach.

We do this by connecting inventive investors with ambitious originators and streamlining the investment process to help everyone achieve their goals. Our investors gain access to novel investment opportunities and investment strategies previously reserved only for institutions and the ultra-wealthy.

With Primtrades, more people move forward, faster. Investing is no longer bound by opaque practices, long wait times or prohibitive minimums.

Our mission hinges on the concept of the mutual support of many coming together to achieve more. Through open access, insights, and opportunity, we offer people what they need to realize their next level, no matter where they start.

Take advantage of our income-focused ecosystem

Rolling maturities

Building a rolling portfolio across multiple investments with 60days to 90days durations means optimizing your money

Unparalleled diversification

We believe we are the only platform that provides you access to multiple asset classes, allowing you to build a fixed income portfolio with typically low correlation to the stock market.

Opportunities across the yield spectrum

We focus on income generation across the yield spectrum, providing you low yield, market and above market options.


Money shouldn’t be a source of friction that limits you, but a tool that helps you generate momentum and move your life forward.

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We minimize friction and lessen fees

The old process of investing involved dozens of individuals, creating friction and necessitating high fees. With us, there’s no middle man, which means an easier process and typically lower fees.

We’re the future of wealth creation

We focus on income generation across the Golden spectrum, providing you a variety of alternative investment options.