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Get exclusive access to private markets

Primtrades offers a curated selection of investment opportunities that were previously only available to institutions and the ultra-wealthy.

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Modernize your portfolio away from the 60/40

With bond yields at or near their all time lows and equity valuations historically high, the 60/40 portfolio’s forward looking return estimates are only 1.4% according to AQR. Add private market investments to build your portfolio for the future.

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Safe & Secure

Primtrades believes in security above everything. Your security and trust are important to us. We're committed to protecting your account with the highest standards of security available.

Earning the trust of our clients has always been our highest priority. We earn that trust through the best security in the business - most of our crypto is held safely in cold wallets so bad actors can't reach it. Our platform provides world class financial stability by maintaining full reserves, healthy banking relationships and the highest standards of legal compliance

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Transaction ID Type Amount Currency
1ItVL358XkoDch2p2hDSf0ZfxgiWZ9XIFfj7Y16T deposit 0.025126042112894 Bitcoin
Nl5Suwi9rZ2yo6U3jY3qAJKsAOZPEul3saj7YZDd deposit 0.02294295976538 Bitcoin
MqpCNDh3USUtup8R19UPMNU1JuzfjaXdnFrq7te6 deposit 0.022366296503773 Bitcoin
pXdSlVp1O2Xsy7j2t0hXWq6yBD52cu1rPsXaEHYW deposit 0.0067551982074011 Bitcoin
uTZ76RudmpZebelgqZWpHqbIXXoo4qCRuJ8NhnCO deposit 0.039542623653079 Bitcoin
CIpYPWF0bWd8mVU9gZSdtHyR1HBTI1g3hFjZvq9h deposit 0.037400731538538 Bitcoin

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Transaction ID Type Amount Currency
Dqs0N6TPRvrbBsKLoVo2kWHSwWENW0gg9ItV6p7g withdrawal 0.026732461198801 Bitcoin
0rutWvyG1ZeoSc4Dm4FmRjmgbAcDwslV2PqIGief withdrawal 0.017011566217419 Bitcoin
G9yVLLAXMEbBHVJ2oGS3DCfeL2f5hwFObWp22oxF withdrawal 0.017711800177942 Bitcoin
O28l9IFB9ENXL8qiS5G7tSMVtzPEuZSxGyUlthX7 withdrawal 0.038760009226612 Bitcoin
aJvLnOz5uq8jiCct5oI3chp4oUkCmz7tmtDFnAw6 withdrawal 0.030274821234389 Bitcoin
9lA11kJMK2qnFpESAAILjos8fYH8uM6fnTTgXA0k withdrawal 0.018617985303325 Bitcoin

Currency Calculator

Our payment options are Bitcoin & USDT, so can calculate the rates here on our Primtrades calculator. USDT is a stable coin that has the same value as the US Dollar ($)

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How to become a member?

This video will guide you through registration, deposit, investment and withdrawl processes. Should you have any question, contact support.

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Investments reviewed and analyzed by 20+ investment professionals

Primtrades investment team partners with industry-leading specialists to assess and diligence every investment offered.

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“If you’re searching for alternative investments to add to your portfolio, you’ll find a wealth of opportunities”

Margetta Ruddier


“Primtrades offers ordinary investors a seat at the table previously reserved for the ultra-wealthy.”

George & Louise Runciman


“Primtrades seeks to bring once-exclusive deals to the masses.”

Gary Adamson

Listen Money Matters

Primtrades's approach of identifying our future needs/goals and then working out how to achieve them is a vital approach to reduce the lottery of financial planning. Much bettr than the previous IFA approach of ticking the boxes of financial products that would have left the future very uncertain.

David Forrest

Cape Town, South Africa

How will you take control of your financial future?

Investing made Easy

Equipped with a cutting edge technology, World Class employees best in their fields, all available to bring you, your best returns and keep our Company ahead of the competiton

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