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Generate passive income while working towards portfolio diversification

Access alternative investments opportunities vetted by Primtrades’ experts, across numerous asset classes, such as Art, Crypto, Real Estate and more.

Global Coverage

Real Estate

  • United Kingdom (UK)

    We are an award winning Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) investing in UK commercial property. Our diversified property portfolio consists of 46 assets invested in the industrial, office, retail and leisure sectors.

  • United States (USA)

    Driven by our occupier focused, opportunity led approach, we acquire, create and manage buildings for around 350 commercial occupiers across a wide range of businesses.

  • Japan

    Our in-depth understanding of the Tokyo commercial property market enables us to identify, source and capture value across different sectors and geographies and reposition the portfolio through the property cycle.

CryptoCurrency Custodian Services

  • BTC



  • USDT



  • ETH



  • BNB



22% Total

  • DOGE 5.62%
  • TRX 4.95%
  • DOT 7.13%
  • SHIBA 4.3%

Why offer Crypto Custody services

The offer of Crypto Custody services becomes fundamental to meet the needs of the various market stakeholders interested in using crypto services and to capture the new business opportunities of a market with ample room for growth, also considering the recent surrounding developments.

  • • Customers demand for a new asset class on the rise.
  • • Market with ample room for growth.
  • • Cutting-edge technology improving financial efficiency.
  • • Large profit margin compared to traditional asset classes.
  • • Small fish threaten the big financial players.

Stock Exchange

  • About

    Primtrades harnesses the power industry-leading commodities platform to bring you derivative expertise, world-class financial and physical trading, and industry-leading research.

  • The stock market

    It is a giant international market where stocks, or shares of ownership of a company, are traded. The vast majority of this trading is now done online, however; in the past, it was done over the phone, or in person, directly with one’s broker.

  • Profits

    All around the world, people trade stocks, hoping to profit from price changes in stocks over time. Stock prices change continuously during trading hours, offering traders many lucrative trading opportunities.